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Without the right team on your side Property investing internationally can consume all of your money, time and energy. At some point, you have to trust someone to help you navigate. At VCI Property investment, we understand that real estate investing is a journey that requires experience, partnerships and long term planning.

We are a full-service property investment company that helps high-net-worth investors add the strength of global real estate to their portfolios. We've worked closely with developers and building owners since the very start, and built strong partnerships on the back of our business model and global reach.

Headquartered in Dubai, and a strong, global distribution partners, we have access to an exceptional client base of long-term property investors looking for high-quality opportunities in global real estate.

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  • We are passionate about the student property market, and feel it has a genuine claim to be an integral part of our investment property portfolio.
  • Diverse asset portfolio focused on strength of counterparty and located in African countries with solid fundamentals
  • High occupancy rates with quality tenants delivering sustainable growth
  • Diverse asset portfolio focused on strength of counterparty and located in European countries with solid fundamentals.
  • Supportive anchor shareholders that are committed to growing the platform
  • Track record of consistently achieving dollar based distribution targets (Eighth distribution since listing) at a Dollar yield in excess of 7%



Aby Rosen (Advisory Director)

Real estate tycoon living in New York City he is the co-founder of RFR Holding, which owns a portfolio of 71 commercial properties in United States cities including New York, Miami, and Las Vegas; and Tel Aviv, Israel.


Vivek Mehra (Chief executive officer)

A venture capitalist. He has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since August 1, 1979. He has worked as a partner with Price Waterhouse Coopers Private Limited and as a tax partner, managing partner and nominal partner with P.R. Mehra & Co.


Ben Abraham (Managing Director)

Previously working for J.P Morgan Strategic Property Fund (SPF) Ben has assisted with a $400m deal. Making him a great individual to Manage VCI property investments.